so we made a podcast network...

What started as a "We should totally have our own show!" has manifested into what you see below. Yes, we started our own podcast network. I mean, you need at least two shows to be considered a network right? Regardless, what really matters is that we're hard at work to make shows you'll enjoy listening to. So be sure check out our catalog (again, at least two shows to call it a catalog right?) and subscribe!

This is our team (from left to right, Viknesh, Gajan, Bojan, and Nisant) and we have one defining goal in common: we want to create something we love and share it with as many people as possible. That's it. Whether it's laughing at the lunacy around us, or arguing about the best basketball player of all time, we want to bring you something you'd appreciate.

Below you'll find the current roster of shows available. We would love it if you would subscribe, share, and most importantly, give us feedback. If we ever plan on getting better at this, we're going to need all the help we can get. Thanks!

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The Risky Fox Podcast is a show that deconstructs some of the most talked-about news in technology, business, and culture. We ask questions that you may be too embarrassed to ask, but also look to dive deeper into the nuance of why certain decisions are made.

Our hosts, Bojan and Gajan, leverage their insights on supply chain management, information technology, and business development to deliver an authentic show that’s coherent and engaging. From startups to gadgets, and everything in between, The Risky Fox Podcast approaches all topics with focus and intent so that all listeners are able to learn something new.



Basketball is life. And with Off The Bounce, Nisant and Viknesh (aka Dynx) relish in the awesomeness of basketball by discussing and debating everything happening in the NBA today. They're moderated by Gajan, who isn't afraid to jump in as well. No topic is too grand. No issue is too small.

With the show moderated Gajan, Nisant and Viknesh speak their mind and try to bring some more insight to the happenings in the NBA. Our hosts look at the stars, the business, and where the NBA will be in the future. If you consider yourself a fan of basketball and enjoy a barbershop-style debate, make sure to subscribe to the show now.