So, we started a media group...

What started as a "We should totally have our own show!" has manifested into what you see below. Yes, we started our own media group. I mean, you need at least two properties to be considered a group right? Regardless, what really matters is we have one defining goal: create products we love and share it with as many people as possible. That's it. Whether it's discourse about creativity, laughing at the lunacy around us, or arguing about the basketball, we want to bring you content that you'd truly appreciate.

Below you'll find the current roster of shows available. We would love it if you would subscribe, share, and most importantly, give us feedback. If we ever plan on getting better at this, we're going to need all the help we can get. Thanks!


Creativity shared through hardware, software, and humans

Our YouTube channel is where you'll find all our video content. This channel is entirely dedicated to providing authentic thoughts and opinions on creative tools and strategies. The goal is to create material that is engaging, educational, and empowers others to create content as well.

What differentiates our channel from others is that we take our recommendations incredibly seriously. Whether it's the hardware or software, we never recommend items that we wouldn't invest in. Further to this, the people that we network with and interview are individuals that we truly respect and have created a deep body of work that we admire.

Our YouTube channel is built solely to empower others to create.


Speaking with creators about creativity, adversity, and workflows

Controlled Chaos is a show for creators. The host, Gajan, sits down with creative minds in varying disciplines to discuss their journey, process, and adversities. The goal of the show is to have honest and meaningful conversations around creating content, our responsibility as creators, and empowering others to create as well.

What’s unique about Controlled Chaos is that we unapologetically venture down rabbit holes and embrace the spontaneity of discourse. This show aims to build an experience that’s authentic for the listeners, so that they truly find value in the topics being covered. We hope that you enjoy the content!


Honest conversation about growing up Tamil and laughing at our pain

Banana Boys is a podcast where three Canadian Tamils talk about growing up in the Tamil culture and how it shaped them. Listen, this is first and foremost a comedy show where we share and laugh at our pain. We hope you do as well.

The hosts of the show (Gajan, Nisant, and Viknesh) speak honestly about their experiences and try to shed some light on very real topics through humour. Our goal is to create something that people feel true joy listening to. And like we mentioned earlier, we’re even okay with you laughing at us. We ain’t above it. This show is incredibly special to us, so be sure to recommend it to anyone you think will find value from it.


The NBA show that you did not know you needed in your life

Basketball is life. And with Off The Bounce, Nisant and Viknesh (aka Dynx) relish in the awesomeness of basketball by discussing and debating everything happening in the NBA today. They're moderated by Gajan, who isn't afraid to jump in as well. No topic is too grand. No issue is too small.

With the show moderated Gajan, Nisant and Viknesh speak their mind and try to bring some more insight to the happenings in the NBA. Our hosts look at the stars, the business, and where the NBA will be in the future. If you consider yourself a fan of basketball and enjoy a barbershop-style debate, make sure to subscribe to the show now.

The Risky Fox Show

Honest conversations about content creation, marketing, and growth

The Risky Fox Show is an open conversation between Gajan and Viknesh around content creation, marketing, and growth. The show itself is completely unscripted which allows our hosts to think freely and out loud. Our goal is to provide a genuine look at how we strategize, schedule, and share creativity.

What’s unique about The Risky Fox Show is that we talk openly about strategies that we're employing as well as failures we’ve encountered. We feel that this type of transparency is valued by our listeners and empowers will empower some of them to create as well. We believe that this’ll provide a listening experience unlike any other. Enjoy!



Blends, Mashups, and Live Sessions presented by T3KNIKAL

Modern Sounds is a podcast featuring the blends, mashups, and live sessions from the creative mind of T3KNIKAL, an incredibly versatile DJ, producer, and overall sound chemist. This show is all about taking different types of music and mixing them to provide a sonic experience unlike anything you've heard before.

Our host will dissect music stems from hip-hop, dancehall, R&B, and more to create a vessel from which sounds from, but not limited to, Tamil cinema will synthesize with. The result is something very unique. What you're about to experience will sound incredibly familiar, but feel completely and thoroughly modern.