Welcome Back

by Gajan T

For the longest time, I wanted a site where I could freely publish my thoughts. A place where I could practice my writing and engage with people that had similar interests. And if I was going to execute on this vision, it would have to be done right. So began my first attempt in January of 2016. After sitting on The Risky Fox domain for months, I started publishing articles around business, technology, and culture. Things were going really well. Actually, they were going better than I had imagined. I had developed a great workflow that allowed me to publish content on a set schedule, and most importantly, that I was proud of. And then he arrived…


In spring of the same year I pursued a new creative venture, my son was born. I think you can guess what happens next? He ruined everything. You see, I could have kept writing and making the time to produce more content. But having a newborn in your house is kind of a distraction. All kidding aside, I took some well needed time to reflect on what worked and what could be done better.

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Welcome to version 2.0 of The Risky Fox. I will continue to publish editorials every two weeks on topics around business, technology, and culture, but that’s not all. Now, you’ll find a lot more pieces shared from a variety of sites that are worth reading as well. I hope that by sharing some of the articles that I am reading, it will provide further context to what I am about to publish. Whether it supports my arguments or not, the goal is to spark further dialog with this method. Allow me to wear my salesman hat as I say, “But thats not all!”

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With the help of several key partners, I’ve launched our own podcast network. The Risky Fox Network is our new venture that looks to bring you some great shows in audio form. The Indefensibles is a satirical debate show that takes some of the most indefensible topics around the world, and attempts to bring more context to them. If your looking for more laughs in your life and need a break from all the seriousness in the news, you should subscribe to this show. Our second show, Off The Bounce, is a basketball show that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Here, we throw up topics from the NBA and witness our two young hosts go at it. Nothing is out of bounds. If you want to learn more about our new network, make sure to visit our Shows page.

All in all, The Risky Fox team is looking to bring you some amazing pieces and look to establish ourselves as great content creators. We hope that you enjoy our work as much as we enjoyed making it. To get in touch with the team, just DM us on Twitter or fill out our contact form. Cheers.