The Apple-FBI Encryption Hearing Was Unexpectedly Hostile to the FBI Director

by Gajan T in

Sara Jeong writing for Motherboard:

The tone of the hearing didn’t get much better for Comey from there. Rep. Goodlatte asked Comey point-blank about the All Writs Act, placing the hearing’s focus squarely on Orenstein’s New York case and the San Bernardino case. Comey avoided answering questions about the Orenstein opinion, saying that he hadn’t yet read it (and to be fair, it is 50 pages long). He also dodged questions about the San Bernardino case, repeating a line he has used before about how the case is about that particular phone, rather than all phones. Over the course of the hearing, he would flip back and forth on whether the requested order would affect only one, or all phones.

The questions got more hostile. Rep. Conyers asked Comey if the San Bernardino case was an “end-run around this committee”—a loaded question that Comey of course denied.

I'm glad that Congress isn't pulling back with their rhetoric.