Controlled Chaos EP.05 - Social Media and Your Brain

In this episode of Controlled Chaos, Gajan sits down with Julia Hamer: a neuroscience researcher, volleyball player for the Canadian National Team, social media personality, med school student, AND professional model. Yea, that's a lot. There was so much valuable information exchanged during this interview, you'll definietly want to listen to the full podcast as well. Enjoy!

Controlled Chaos EP.04 - Photography with Stockezy

This might be my most engaging conversation with another photographer to date. In this episode, Gajan sits down with Jason, aka Stockezy, to talk about his journey into street photography. The two discuss photography, composition, growth, Fuji cameras, hip-hop, sneakers, and much much more. This is our longest episode yet, but a must listen for anyone interested in photography as a hobby or profession. Enjoy!

Fuji X-T3 Review

Here's a video that we shot earlier this year. I had so much fun previewing the Fuji X-T3, I had to buy one for myself. While it may have some limitations compared to some full frame offerings, this camera packs enough of a feature set to stand with even the best on the market.